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Best hair transplant for people in Jalandhar

Dr. D.S. Walia and his team are providing trustworthy, rewarding, and cost effective advanced hair transplant procedures for people who belong to Jalandhar district of Indian Punjab. Walia Hospital is an easily approachable clinic to solve baldness and hair loss problems of people of the district, its cities, town, and villages. The hospital allows appointments to hair loss patients from Adampur, Alawalpur, Bhogpur, Goraya, Jalandhar , Jalandhar Cantt, Kartarpur, Lohian Khas, Malsian, Nakodar, Noormahal, Phillaur, Sansarpur, Shahkot, and Talwan cities of it. Several hair loss facing individuals who belong to different towns and villages of the district also take appointments at the clinic. The hospital is around 55 km from the city and district. People from the city visit the hospital through roads and rails. Dr Walia has had treated many people with baldness and hair loss issues who live in the district or belong to it. The people got hair transplants for their front hairlines, baldness, and hair thinning.
Jalandhar is an agricultural and industrial district of Indian Punjab. It is main producer of sugar, wheat, milk, vehicles, and footwear. Sport items such as cricket bats, footballs, and hockey are exported to various countries from the district. Hair loss and baldness are common issues of the residents of the district nowadays. Pattern baldness and Traction alopecia of these people is generally treated at the Walia Hospital.

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Hair transplant cost discount at Walia Hospital India

Hair transplant is a reliable and fast result producing treatment which is performed worldwide for hair restoration of naturally growing hairs. The surgeons dealing in hair transplant treatment has to operate the process for four to five hours. There are two main jobs in which they have to spend their precious time during the transplantation. One is collection of the grafts from donor parts and other is their transplantation on recipient parts. Donor parts are such areas of hair zones that have healthy growing hairs while recipient parts do not have the hairs and usually show hair loss, hair thinning, scars without hairs, bald spots or totally baldness. The job of the surgeon is quite difficult as he/she has to extract intact hair grafts without damaging it and surrounding tissue at a donor part as well. Cost of hair transplant depends on time taken for graft harvesting and graft transplantation or the number of transplanted grafts. The surgeon has to extract a graft using hair punches. One graft is extracted out manually or robotically at a time. The cost for a robotic procedure is generally higher than a manual procedure.  To get economic benefit one should choose a manual procedure.
At Walia Hospital Ludhiana, which is providing hair transplant in India, discount is often offered to individuals who take a procedure here. The discount is in fact an economic package to lower down the gross cost of a procedure. At the hospital, FUE procedures are generally done for hair restoration. Discount on a procedure for baldness is higher than a procedure done to restore hairs on facial-hairy features like eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches, or beard. There are many people who are facing hair loss and availing the discount package of the hospital. Dr Walia MD, owner of the hospital and top surgeon with hair transplant specialty, is really a very kind person who offers discount package to give economical benefits to his clients and patients who face baldness and hair loss. He realizes that a discount package is necessary to manage stress of new coming people with hair loss. He likes to see his clients healthy, happy, young, and confident. He helps them to eliminate their stress and anxiety caused by their hair loss and baldness, since last fifteen years. He said, “Discount is useful for lower down the economic burden on our clients. It also provides them confidence and stress free environment which is necessary to maintain their good health.”
Hair transplant cost and discount on it are not similar at all clinics that are associated with the treatment. The cost however, is considerably quite low at the Walia Hospital. “The cost of a procedure at our hospital is generally cut to great extent due to our discount packages.” “We get satisfaction through our discount offer. Surgeons should give economic relief to their patients without any discrimination and compromise on quality like us.” He added.  In conclusion I would like to say that hair transplant cost discount plays a big role in good hair transplantation and stress management of hair loss experiencing people.

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Best hair transplant in India at Walia Hospital Ludhiana

Hair transplant is one of the best baldness treatments. It is a reliable treatment that is available in all developed nations and developing countries of the world as well. It provides fast and 100% best results. The FUE procedures of it are most advanced than that FUT or Strip procedures. The FUE procedures are quite painless and less invasive in surgical nature. There is no need of taking any strip of tissue with hair grafts to collect the graft during a FUE procedure as it is done during a FUT procedure. The best quality of a FUE procedure is its scar-less nature i.e. it does not make any scars or visible signs on donor parts of an individual. The procedure does also not cause any bad side effect on health of a person who undergoes the procedure, after his/her hair transplantation. The reliability of the procedure is also highest among all other treatments, as it takes very less time for recovery and provides growth to 100 percent all transplanted hairs. Hair graft damage during graft extraction and transplantation is almost nil during a procedure of the technique. Moreover, there is no damage to skin at donor parts as graft extraction is performed using very thin hair punches. A FUE procedure can hence be termed as a stitch-less procedure as surgical stitches are not required for stitching skin on donor parts as it is done during a procedure of Strip harvest method.
According to Dr. D. S. Walia MD at Walia Hospital Ludhiana, both FUT and FUE procedures of hair transplant were performed at the hospital in the beginning. FUE procedures have gained more popularity over FUT ones during last ten years. He said “FUE procedures are really popular among our clients nowadays as these are carried out without bleeding, pain, surgical stitches, and scars. No doubt, its results are always perfect and fast.” The hair transplant cost of the procedure is also useful for consideration before undergoing hair transplantation. The cost depends on locality and services of a clinic. Robotic procedures are costlier than manual ones. It is also important to avail discount for it if it is running at a hospital for balding people. Most of clinics provide discount to fight completion among them nowadays.
Advanced research is going on at Walia Hospital for making the procedure more popular and economical too.  In conclusion, balding and hair loss facing people should take a FUE procedure if they want to restore their naturally growing and useful hairs. Dr Walia, nowadays, is offering discount on baldness treating procedure to decrease the hair transplant cost. He is trained from USA and always provides best quality hair transplants at his Walia Hospital Ludhiana India.
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Hair transplant India information

Hair loss and baldness are common issues nowadays among people who live in India or worldwide. They usually face male or female pattern baldness. There are several factors that are responsible for their baldness including age, diet, health, genealogy, lifestyle, hairstyle, and medication. To treat pattern baldness, hair transplantation is generally performed by Indian surgeons since last few decades. Information on hair transplant India or hair transplant in India is quite useful for people who live in India and foreign countries and experience baldness, hair loss, hair thinning, and scars on their useful hairy zones including head, eyebrow, eyelash, beard, or mustache. Such people generally make searches on the Internet for getting information about a reliable and economic hospital for their hair transplantation.
Dr. Walia is a famous and best hair transplant surgeon and doctor in India, Ludhiana, and Punjab. He is trained by Dr. James Harris Colorado USA, one of the pioneer surgeons of the world. Dr. Walia is delivering his best hair transplant services in India since last fifteen years. There is no doubt in his quality services. He had treated thousands of national and international patients with baldness and several hair loss issues. Dr Walia is treating several patients of India who belongs to any of all cities of Indian Punjab and other states of the nation. International patients from all countries of the world are also welcome at the hospital. Twenty four hours each day, hair transplant services are available at the hospital.
Walia hospital is famous for offering best hair transplant procedures at low cost. Heavy discount on baldness procedures is offered so that patient can get economic hair transplant services at the clinic.  Hair transplant cost is running INR 55 per graft to treat baldness at the hospital and it is cut by the discount offer of the hospital. It is very low in India, a developing nation of the world. Hair transplant discount is also given to treat baldness at the clinic. Several balding patients at the hospital had availed the opportunity for getting younger and gorgeous appearance through their naturally growing hair restoration. The discount is available for treating male pattern baldness at the hospital. is an official website of Dr. D.S. Walia MD which provides all information about hair transplant in India. It provides all information about how to get cheap FUE procedures at Walia Hospital Ludhiana in India.

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Instrumental advancement in FUE hair transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) is become an advanced procedure over Strip method of hair transplantation due to significant improvement in instrumental industry through long experience and research in medical by surgeons and physicians living worldwide. FUE is one of the best techniques for hair graft collection that is required to perform a transplant procedure. A transplant procedure may be required to set front hairline or to treat baldness or hair thinning on head. It is also used for transplanting naturally growing hairs on the thinning showing features of face including eyebrow, beard, mustache or eyelash. It is useful and liked by most of patients experiencing the disorder in the world. During this type of procedure no any surgery is required for graft extraction from donor parts like Strip harvesting method where a strip of 1 to 1.5 cm wide and 10 to 15 cm long of skin is removed from back of scalp to collect grafts. So, the FUE technique is more popular among surgeons and patients nowadays as grafts are extracted out one by one using a hair punch of around 0.07mm diameter. The grafts are kept in a solution that keeps them alive for several hours. FUE does not leave scarring on donor parts and density of hairs there is also does not get disturbed as one graft is taken out from a group of five to six hairs. Bleeding does also not occur as no skin is removed in a strip form from donor parts.
Intact and baldness resisting graft extraction:
It is very important that a surgeon should extract out such hair grafts that are generally baldness resistant and remain intact during the extraction. Damage to grafts during graft collection should be negligible. So surgeons worldwide always pay attention in this regard and their experience plays a crucial role in it.
Density of hairs on donor parts:
Density of hairs on donor parts during graft collection is generally kept in mind. A good surgeon never extract out grafts from same area on donor parts that could generate a bald spot later due to lack of follicles. To maintain the density, good surgeons take one graft from a group of five or six hairs with a punch.
Body Hair Transplantation:
Sometimes it is also experienced by the surgeon that patient who comes for hair transplant lacks donor parts on posterior parts of his/her scalp. To face this problem surgeons at Walia Hospital have to transplant hairs by taking grafts from other body parts of the patient including arms, legs, back, chest, abdomen or shoulders etc. When grafts are taken from other body parts except from the scalp, the transplantation is called Body Hair Transplant (BHT).
Instruments for FUE hair transplant:
Along with experience and knowledge of surgeons, sophisticated instruments should also be required for hair transplantation. It had taken a long journey and time to develop modern day devices and tools for the transplantation. These tools however, assist surgeons for improving the operative process through reducing operative time and enhancing its efficiency by saving follicles from unintentional damage.
Manual hair punch:
The original hair punch was a circular hollow scalpel of metal that had 0.7 to 1.0 mm diameter. Before trimming hairs with 1 to 2mm height on donor parts, the punch is placed over a single follicle or a group of follicles and pressed downward and rotated manually with a little force in the skin to remove the follicle from surrounding tissue. It is extracted out of the skin with help of forceps. The punch hence helps to separate a graft from skin. It can extract out one graft from skin at a time. It takes few seconds to separate and collect a graft. A graft may be a single follicle or a group of 2 to 6 follicles. A follicle produces one strand of hair after its transplantation. The punch is really useful for eliminating the possibility of developing rounded scars on donor parts. The manual punch is further improved through addition of other useful characteristics such as reducing its diameter and enhancing its rotational properties to get intact grafts.
Advanced FUE instruments
To speed up graft collection, new instruments were developed for the technology. These instruments were ranging from mechanical to robotic punches and systems.
The SAFE System: It is a three step method to get a graft through reducing potential for transaction. During this system, a sharp punch is used to incise skin around a graft and then a blunt circular punch is applied to loosen the unit from its surrounding tissue. The third step of it is extraction of the unit finally.
The Powered SAFE Scribe:
It is an electrically motorized hand hold instrument that is used to extract grafts. It is a minimal invasive instrument that does not damage follicles. It speeds up graft collection. Scarring is also minimal during use of this device. The punch rotates with the help of motor installed in it with the help of electric power.

hair punch

Powered hair punch

Roto Core:
The manual punch is further modified to facilitate automatic rotation during graft harvesting. A Roto Core punch came into existence that rotates itself automatically when it is used to make a rounded incision around a graft. The penetration depth of the punch is also adjustable in this the punch.

FUE hair punch

Hair Punch

Feller Hair Punch:
Feller punch, which was designed by Dr Alan Feller, supports friction less graft harvesting without rotation. It is useful to create minimal fatigue during hair transplantation. These punches are generally available in two forms with 0.9mm and 1.0mm.
Core Isolation Technique:
Dr. John P. Cole had invented the Core Isolation Technique after his previously developed Follicular Isolation Technique (FIT). It is an advanced technique to extract intact grafts from donor parts. This technique is efficient for cutting the dermis just beyond the arrector pilli muscle. This helps to extrude out an intact graft form the skin. Graft damage is minimal during this technology.
Neo Graft:
Neo Graft that was developed by a trademark of mechanical instruments, is used to support physician’s proficiency for graft harvesting and plantation. The mechanized instrument contains a rotating sharp punch to extract intact grafts and a suction device that helps for removing the graft from skin and moving it in a graft collection dish.
Counting Incision Device:
Counting Incision Device (CID) is a useful device for perfectly maintaining the incision count during transplantation of grafts or preparing a recipient area. It provides virtual reading of incisions on its small screen or LED display that supports five digit counts. The depth of incision, that is to be made on recipient site, is adjustable in the device. It is reusable and its blades and needles are disposed after use. It provides an opportunity to a physician for concentrating himself/herself not only on incision making job but he/she may talk to the surrounding staff. He/she does not need for counting each incision and remembering it for further addition. The surgeon can do other job during the procedure without counting the incisions.
Artas System:
The Artas System is the most advanced technique for FUE graft collection. It is completely a robotic technique for FUE hair transplantation. Restoration Robotics Inc had developed it first time in the surgery. It is US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved technique used for treating male pattern baldness. It is installed with computer based commands for extraction of grafts using air suction pressure. The robotic technique is useful to collect one thousand grafts per hour.

FUE machine

Altas robotic machine

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Hair transplant

Hair transplantation is a latest technology in which naturally grown hairs are moved from thick hair growth areas to bald parts.
Most of hair transplant procedures are performed in an OT (Operation Theatre) of a surgeon specialized in the technology. The transplantation is not generally a single day procedure in which a surgeon checks out your hair loss and considers suitable donor parts on your body. After making a decision to select an appropriate hospital and a reliable surgeon, you will be given an appointment to undergo a minor surgical procedure. Transplantation especially through FUE procedures is also useful to restore natural hairs on facial hairy features like eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and mustaches. It is also important for growing natural hair on scar or injuries that are often created on such features. If you are going to take a procedure for your baldness then your scalp hairs will be trimmed to minimum size that is known as zero size trimming. You will receive local anesthesia to make it painless. You may also get some medicines according to your health to make you relaxed. Your head is now thoroughly cleaned with antiseptic solution. Your hair grafts from your donor parts will be collected according to requirement of covering your transplanted area called recipient part. It may need 1000 to 3000 grafts for your first session.
If you are experiencing severe baldness then you will need around 6000 grafts that will take two sessions for your procedure to be done. Most of the procedures are performed while you are sitting on a chair. You will not get inconvenience during your procedure, as you may talk, share your stories with the surgeon or read a magazine or write your diary. The surgeon will use quality punches to collect your grafts and put them in a solution that keeps the grafts alive for several hours. The surgeon will extract one graft at a time from your scalp and it will take few seconds to collect single graft. After collection of grafts, transplantation process is started during which the surgeon puts the graft one by one manner in tiny incisions made on your recipient parts. After transplanting all the grafts on your recipient zones you will see your procedure done within four to five hours. Your transplanted graft can gives rise of one to six hairs as it may contain one to six follicles. A follicle produces one strand of hair only. The modern day transplantation is quite handy for recovering from baldness as these always provide good results.
Why hair transplant is useful for you?
The procedure is quite useful for you for regaining your young appearance and lost confidence. It makes you healthy through eliminating your stress about the disorder. It also supports your professional as well as social life.
Risks of hair transplant
There are no risks of FUE procedures as these are painless and free from infection and bleeding.  Moreover, you may get scabs at roots of your transplanted grafts, which will remove within a week. You have to take care of your transplanted hairs according to your surgeon’s advice. There will create no any scarring on your donor parts if the surgeon has not done any surgery to take your grafts.
Hair transplant review
There is no need to use any medicine for transplanted hair care as these belong to you and supported by your immune system. It will start showing growth within a week. They will grow half an inch per month and you will get your hairstyle improved within two to three month.
Hair transplant cost
The hair transplant cost will be suggested to you before doing your procedure. It will depend on number of grafts or time taken to complete it. The cost is generally affordable and it is often negligible for providing you perfect hairstyle and making your looking gorgeous and young. The cost is INR 50 per graft at our Walia Hospital Ludhiana India Punjab. Discount packages at the hospital often relax it.
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Useful B vitamins for hair growth

The B vitamins are useful to lower down stress level and improve health; they are really a wealth of goodness for gearing up hair growth. They are essential for our overall health of hair and skin as well. These are generally found in fish, meat, poultry, nuts, bananas, legumes, and milk.

Vitamin B1: Also known as Thiamine supports increase in blood circulation that flow to hair follicles and keeps them healthy to produce potent hairs.

Vitamin B2: It also termed as Riboflavin. It is responsible to increase Oxygen flow in blood that is necessary to proper growth of skin tissue and follicles.

Vitamin B3: It is called Niacin and helps to dilate blood vessels that support better circulation of blood to send nourishment and Oxygen to hair follicles and skin cells.

VitaminB5: It is generally termed as Pantothenic Acid and it is useful to release protein in our blood stream that is useful to build hair cells to make natural hair filament in hair follicle.

Vitamin B6: It is known as Pyridoxine that support healthy nervous system and protects scalp from skin infection that causes hair loss.

Vitamin B7: It is famous as Biotin that is a part of B complex vitamins.  It is generally termed as vitamin H. This water soluble vitamin is useful for hair growth and it supports production of energy in cells and their metabolism. It also improves splitting, thin or brittle hair and nail too.

Vitamin B9: It is known as Folic Acid that makes hair follicles potent and strong. It makes your hair thicker and shiner. It prevents graying of hairs. It is useful in production of hair follicles through supporting copying of DNA. It helps to get correct copying of DNA during cell division and follicle production. This process is quite important to support cell division and hair growth.

VitaminB12: It is called as Cobalamin that supports healthy nervous system. It also helps in production of potent red blood cells that are useful for hair growth.
Hair Transplant India, Hair Transplant in India, Best hair transplant in Ludhian/Punjab/India

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Benefits of FUE hair transplants

Hair transplant surgery is becoming quite painful nowadays as advanced tools are now used to perform the procedure that are less invasive and do not go deep in the skin.  Hair follicles that are present in epidermis of skin are easily extracted and replaced causing no any bleeding and scar formation. The technique is so advanced and you cannot judge where your hair grafts were taken from as there left no any scar that could tell the story. The advanced tools used for modern FUE hair transplants are costly hair transplant hollow punches that contain very narrow diameter. Their diameter ranges from 0.5 mm to 1 mm. Hair punches are very effective tools that had replaced strip method of transplantation. Different hair punches with different diameter are used for the surgical procedure. As these punches goes are use to extracted hair grafts from donor parts. Only one hair graft is extracted at a time. It takes 5 to 10 seconds to harvest one hair graft manually. The grafts, after harvesting are transplanted one by one in recipient parts of an individual. To give beauty look and fashionable touch, hair transplantation is done with patience. It is really a kind of art work. A well qualified hair transplant surgeon can give symmetrical distribution to hair grafts during transplantation.

The benefits FUE hair transplants that are performed at Walia Hospital Ludhiana India by Dr. D S Walia MD are including:

  • The transplanted hairs are person’s own hairs and there is no need to take any medicine for lifetime as the immune system easily accepts the hair grafts
  • It does not form any linear as well as rounded scars on donor parts
  • It always provides younger and beautiful look
  • It helps to regain front hairlines, naturally growing hairs on crown and hair features of face
  • It is painless and bloodless technique to restore hairs
  • It produces results very soon than other hair transplant surgeries,
  • It helps to make you confident with perfect hairstyles and healthy too.
  • It eliminates stress of minds raised due to hair loss
  • It helps to promote your social and professional status
  • It is safe technology and produces no any side effects
  • It is useful to transplant grafts at wide areas including scalp and narrow zones like eyelash
  • It takes 4 to 5 hours to complete a short session to transplant 2000 to 3000 grafts

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Temporary Hair loss

If you are facing hair loss then it is import to confirm and fix it. When your daily head hair fall exceeds over 100 to 150 strands, a normal loss, then it is considered as an abnormal condition to your locks. You may face it for several days and it will be useful to diagnose the actual reason behind it through consultation with physicians and undergoing suitable medical tests as soon as possible. Take it easy and do not get too much stressed about it. The reason may be temporary for it. If you are facing hair-thinning then there may be some reasons that can bring it on you. The temporary hair loss  reason may be associated with your health, diet, lifestyle, hairstyle, or medication.

Health conditions and the disorder

Your health conditions including anemia, hypothyroidism, typhoid, stress or trauma, hormonal imbalance, skin infection, child birth, cancer, and major surgery may cause the illness and the thinning to you. These health conditions if treated within a short period of time then your disorder can be reversed. If you are facing anemia or hypothyroidism then chances are there that you may face it.

Diet and the disorder

Diet also plays a crucial role to bring the fall if you are taking meals that are deficient of hair-growth supporting minerals, vitamins, and proteins. You can consult a dietician to improve your diet to stop the issue further. It is very important that you include fresh vegetables, fruits, salads, zinc and iron rich edibles, plus sufficient proteins in your daily diet. You also have to add proper amount of iron, zinc, calcium along with vitamins.

Lifestyle and the disorder

Your lifestyle may also be a cause for it. If you eat fast foods, too much fried and spicy foods then it will not good for your health and hair. It is generally noticed that we like to eat spicy and fried foods nowadays that increase our body weight tremendously. Moreover, we do not like doing indoors or outdoors exercises.  For maintaining our good health we should have to pay attention on our taking daily exercises and changing our eating habits to avoid fast foods. Our modern lifestyle is really making us obese and lazy as we want everything to be operated on remotes without doing any labor for it.

Hair style and the disorder

Loose hairstyles are useful to avoid it than tight ones. Tight hairstyles including braids and cornrows are generally harmful for hairs as these create continuous pull on it. Some follicles may damage though such styles, this condition of the loss is termed as Traction alopecia.  So it is important to adopt loose hairstyles to save your locks

Medication and the disorder

If you are consuming medicines against your abnormal health conditions including acne, ulcers, thyroid, blood pressure, blood consistency, inflammation, hormone treatment, cholesterol, and heart problems, then side effects of some medicines may bring the problem to you. So, it is important to consult side effects of a drug before consuming it. The hair loss side effect information is generally known from medical stores and physicians.

In conclusion temporary hair loss is not a big issue to be worried about seriously. If you are smart enough to make some efforts and consider above mentioned information then you can successfully overcome the issue and reverse it to live happily and healthily.  If you are facing the disorder and could not get success to overcome it, then Dr D S Walia MD, Hair Transplans Surgeon, at Walia Hospital Ludhiana India will help you. You can visit the links below for getting more information about him or to contact him.

Hair transplant IndiaHair transplant in IndiaBest hair transplant in Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Punjab, India

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Know more about FUE hair transplants

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an advanced method of getting baldness resistant, active hair follicular units, termed as hair grafts, from donor parts of an individual for hair transplantation at his/her hair loss showing zones. Only single graft is extracted out directly from donor part at a time. The other method of hair transplantation is known Strip Harvesting method that is regarded as an old method of the surgical procedure. During this method a strip of skin with grafts is removed from donor area of a patient and then dissected for getting grafts. Both the methods are different from each other in graft harvesting only that are used for FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). A graft may contain single follicle or a group of two to five follicles. A hair follicle always produces one naturally growing hair only. FUE is regarded as best hair transplant procedure to treat pattern baldness and hair loss on hairy features of face including eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and mustaches. FUE can be further categorized into two categories, manual FUE and Robotic FUE. In a manual FUE procedure, a surgeon has to collect hair grafts using hair punches manually, while in Robotic FUE, a robotic machine is used to extract the grafts.

It is also important to consider that the donor area should not be affected seriously by graft extraction and its density of hairs should be maintained. For this purpose it will be useful to take one hair graft from a group of six to five grown hairs. For graft harvesting donor area is generally trimmed leaving 1 mm to 2 mm length of hairs only. The grafts are then transplanted by making small incisions, in one by one manner, on recipient parts of the patient after completion of graft harvesting. For FUE hair transplantation, a hair loss experiencing individual should have good donor parts for graft harvesting. It is however also possible to transplant hair grafts of one person to the other provided the recipient should have to take medicines against his/her immune system’s resistance that does not support donor’s hair grafts. The cost of FUE hair transplant is different clinic to clinic; however, it can be decreased by negotiation and discount availability. It is affordable at Walia Hospital India that is providing hair transplant India. At most of clinics including Walia Hospital India, consultation to discuss hair loss is free of charges. People generally afraid of the surgical process of FUE as they think it will cause them pain and bleeding.

The procedures indeed are entirely painless and less invasive plus no any bleeding takes place during these procedures. These procedures are very effective procedures and used to save naturally growing hairs even on eyelashes, very delicate parts of our body. These procedures provide instant results and you can observe your visible hairs on your hair loss showing areas immediate after hair transplantation. The transplanted hairs show growth within a week. The FUE procedures, no doubt make people healthy and younger. These procedures pay you more than you generally expect from them. These procedures are getting popularity among surgeons and patients for providing perfect and more natural results without any permanent scar formation on donor parts.

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